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This tool exists to help users visualize how each county is impacted by COVID-19. Users can color the map by 4 different metrics to easily see which counties have the highest number of total cases and deaths, as well as cases and deaths per 100,000 people (per capita). Additionally, users can explore each metric’s trend over time for each county as well as compare two counties over time.

NOTE: This data is provisional and collected from the states by the NY Times and Johns Hopkins. Please cite this information with caution.
Per capita information can help us make better decisions because it provides context for the total number of cases. For example, a rural area with only 100 cases would not appear to be critically challenged on a map displaying raw case numbers. However, if the population of that rural area is 1,000 people the map would show that a per capita value (10,000 cases per 100,000 people) illustrating that this little town's hospital system is being very much challenged. While if those same 100 cases were to be true for a large urban area, the per capita value (10 cases per 100,000 people) would demonstrate that the urban hospitals aren't in such a dire situation.
Zoom in and out of the map using the [+] and [-] icons in the upper left corner. Move the map by clicking on it, holding, and dragging with your mouse. On mobile devices, pinch to zoom. To move the map, drag with two fingers.
Click the icon in the lower right corner of the map to select which data/metrics you’d like to view. Choose between Total Cases, Total Deaths, Cases per capita, and Deaths per capita. The default view is Cases per capita.

Below the map charts are displayed after selecting a county or multiple counties on the map. The Main chart shows the 4 metrics from the last county you clicked on. The four Compare chart options compare each of the metrics for the last two counties the user clicked on.

Two counties must have been selected at one time for the compare charts to appear. Click on Main or any one of the Compare buttons to view that chart.

If the user wishes to compare a specific county to multiple counties (without needing to reselect it each time), they may use the Lock button that appears in the bottom left of the map after selecting the county of interest. This locks in their last selection and it will not be removed until they click the Clear button.

The New York Times; John Hopkins University; ESRI; Data Driven Detroit, created April, 2020. Updated Daily.

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